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Years later, Bill named a tall black gelding - his favorite mountain horse - Keno, and told people it was the beste casino pa nett bingo best and most handsome horse he'd known since Reno Keno back in his Army days.
He graduated from Oregon State University in the late 1930s with a degree in the Wildlife Biology - one of the first such degrees earned in the country - and was employed by odfw as a beaver trapper.We were commonly referred to, behind our backs, as the odd couple.WhatsNew: Neighborhood Watch, we are working with the Orange County Crime Prevention Officer to keep a close watch for suspicious activities in the neighborhood.Maybe I taught him a few things too - but, if so, I wouldn't claim it and he wouldn't admit.We were unable to locate the file you requested.Many in the know said that the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness should have been named the "Bill Brown Wilderness." Bill would, in reply, just nod and smile and say that he "would get his reward in heaven.".As a professional courtesy, he provided similar training for personnel of the.S.He, risking his job in the process, worked through surrogates to achieve his objectives.He was, for the first several years I knew him, the Regional Director of the Oregon Department of Fish Wildlife (odfw).
Bill grew up hard and fast as a child of the Great Depression.
Some would, no doubt, use "Bill Brown" as a precise and concise definition of "curmudgeon." That would please him, as he cultivated his "hard ass" image - he seemed, on the outside, to be a crusty, obnoxious, stern, opinionated curmudgeon.Given his equestrian skills and his love of horses, he developed and maintained a working horse herd for his Region, and he saw to it that all his biologists were adept horsemen and packers.He went on active duty in 1938 as 2nd Lieutenant in the Field Artillery and was, based on his horsemanship expertise, assigned to the Olympic Equestrian Team to participate in the "Three Day Event." He was schooling a horse - a tall and handsome black.Updated: February 27, 2012, oops!While Bill loved and admired the Forest Service, he openly and relentlessly pushed the agency to be more concerned with fish and wildlife.He returned to work with odfw and ascended quickly through the ranks to become Director of the Northeast Region.Updated: February 27, 2012, recentEvents: Please Send News.My Traveling Companion, Bill Brown, during the 20 years that I lived in La Grande, Oregon, during my tour as Chief Research Wildlife Biologist for the.His father worked for the Oregon Department of Forestry.Bill Brown participated, in active combat, in the recapture of the Aleutian Islands from the Japanese.