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But it is not like that.
If I can inspire empathy, I have succeeded.
If people recognize a part of me in themselves Im happy for the human connection.That sparked a long write-up about the subject in the context of spirituality.The symbols are a personal, visual language for the many instances every day that there are no words specific enough but also whole enough to contain the meaning I want to convey.You are not out of touch with reality.Blog post continues below this form.(Bilingual eva Pagoulatos, Psy.You dont need to feel free.That is a false freedom.Infinite repetition has an undeniable uncanniness.That is not freedom.I propose that you cannot lose touch with reality because whatever is happening is reality.
I remember looking into the mirror and slowly folding the panels around my head so that all I could see was my tiny face reflected infinitely.
We sent a few jokes in exchange.
The mirrored surface is an image made of light, a surface of vision.This right now is freedom.They are in-between areas.I want my work to be a bridge between personal experience and universal understanding.Large cities are constructed similarly to how a body is structured; it makes sense that we build our cities to reflect our own familiar framework and systems.Losing touch with reality, a reader of this blog somebody I have communicated with quite a lot over the past year or so, and somebody I have come to consider a friend sent me an email this morning that initiated a back and forth.Arlene Lopez (Bilingual blake.